Monday, January 19, 2009

I wish we didn't celebrate for different reasons.

Let's not forget our departing Vice President and last Republican Presidential candidate were against this holiday. Mailmen and bank tellers of the U.S. say a resounding "Fuck YOU!" Happy MLK day and there is, contrary to some, a ton to be done still.

One More Day.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A little late?

I was watching television last night, and since Dec. 20 thru Jan. 13 really are horrible, there was nothing on. But I found something so awesome I had to watch. It was "HOMELAND SECURITY!!" on ABC. It even had the overzealous female customs agent who repeated the "drugs fund terrorism" mantra that had me jumping in the air, fist pumping and screaming, "Fuck Yeah, America!".
The only problem I saw, however, was that it was about three years past all the bed pissing and cowering that saw G.W. get reelected. I think most people have kind of moved past all that since they no longer have a home for Osama to suicide bomb. But watching that was like the golden days of 2002 again. Maybe for the target audience, it will always be that time.