Friday, April 3, 2009

Guns don't kill people.....

O.K. I have mainly stayed away, in terms of gun violence. I like guns. I think they are pretty cool, for the most part. But here's the deal, they fucking kill people. So, in the past month, there have been a ton of spree killings. Today, some asshole killed 13 people in cold blood for whatever reason. The right wing would have you believe that if only citizenry would be armed to the teeth, this sort of thing would never happen. Fuck that. Here's the reality. In Oakland, California, some punk motherfucker killed four cops. Including two elite SWAT team members. What is Joe Dumb ass gonna do against something like that? So here is the deal: If two highly trained swat members could get capped by some loser who is afraid to go to jail, what would some scared out of shape civilian be able to do against some jackass who is determined to kill everyone they possibly can? I am not even going to link the statistics of other countries that have like, 20 people killed a year by guns. We all know. We in America have way too much gun violence in this country. There is a reason police forces want to have stricter gun control laws here. Guns kill people, especially easily concealable handguns. Today a bunch of innocent people who just wanted to be goddamned Americans got it. When are we going to wake up? Every country that has restrictions on firearms has a significantly lower rate of death from gun violence. Is the U.S. the home of just tiny dicks? Because honestly, I don't see any other reason for this stupid fetish. I have a relative who is a cop who refuses to keep a gun in the home because he knows that it is just too dangerous. I am sick of being nervous every time I go to school that some tiny dicked asshole is gonna be pissed at having a bad grade in whatever and come after me and mine. Oh yeah, gun dicks, if the government ever decides to go after you, your Desert Eagle is gonna have little effect if a Cobra gunship is at your door. Pussies.

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Johnny Turk said...

I live in a country with increasing gun violence and stricter gun control laws, so I get to hear whacko's tell me "Well if we all had guns, those fucking chinks wouldn't be killing innocent people downtown" I do not understand that line of thinking, and a lot of people think banning guns outright is the only solution (Not saying you are) but it's not. Changing society to be a bette fucking place is the way I'd go.

Also doesn't America have some of it's gun control because of whatshisnuts shooting Ronald Reagan?