Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Oscar Picks!

Um, since I have only seen Slumdog and the Dark Knight I feel I have as much knowledge on the matter as that host who replaced Ebert on At the Movies. The Dark Knight was only nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Heath Ledger and some other minor stuff so it doesn't really count. Since Madea Goes Wherever wasn't nominated, here are my choices. So for Best Picture: Slumdog! I loved the color, the soundtrack, the actors and did I mention Frida Pinto? The way the story is told through flashbacks is totally amazing. I also dug the host of Indian Millionaire, he was cool as was the Lieutenant in the police scenes. This is the first movie since American Beauty where I had no idea going in what it was about and walked out feeling really, really good.

Best Director: Danny Boyle, who did masterful work with Sunshine, Trainspotting (Begbie!), a movie I did not see, but heard is awesome; Millions, and 28 Days Later (liked the sequel better though, Begbie!).

Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger! I didn't see any of the other nominees' movies and I really liked him in Brokeback. That's it. I saw nothing else and I hate wrestling wife beaters of teenage fantasy Guess models. So fuck that guy, and his face hasn't been beaten in enough. Should be fun.

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