Sunday, March 15, 2009

Go Mauricio Funes.

Hopefully the good people of my sweet, beloved, Gracie's country get rid of the last dregs of the Reagan era right wing death squads. Reagan was truly a great man and the hundreds of thousands who disappeared in the 80's should be truly grateful, if they weren't dead. Oh yeah, what did Cuba and Venezuela do to us again and why should I be scared?


Bob Seva said...

Si se puede! Let's hope that El Salvador can elect Funes. For once, I actually read the article in your post. Go literacy!

This has nothing to do with anything but I thought it was funny: Oden is like Benjamin Button without the progress.

Jack Burton said...

Yes we can! He just was declared the winner and we were just watching his acceptance speech!

You mean you don't assiduously study every lame link I put on here? Horrors!! I usually don't either, I just saw some other guy do it once and it adds nice color contrasts to my brown background.

Ha!! Did you see the picture from Deadspin where Sam Bowie v. 2.0 was in middle school? Yikes, he probably looked older than the teachers. His Ben Button progress seemed to regress again in the middle of his freshman season at OSU.