Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Favorite Time of the Year.

Remember how I was all like, "Basketball, what's that?", about two months ago? Well, as the king of hyperbole I seem to have found my bearings again for the season and am in full force. It could be that I am seriously considering not being a Packer fan as the organization is apparently thinking the model for success is the last presidential administration. Which included hiring fucking Ari Fleischer as a consultant during the Favre saga which tells you exactly how they think in regards to splitting the most loyal fan base in the NFL. Or it could be that this is going to be the craziest tournament, ever!!1!1! With the amount of upsets that have already occurred it should be madness. I watched like 80 hours of conference tournaments this weekend so I feel I am ready. Also, have there ever been three #1's from the same conference before?

For the record my Final Four picks are:
-Wake Forest in the Midwest. Louisville is good but I just don't see it. I also hate Pitino's white suit thing he sometimes wears. What an easy sectional(?). Does that mean that Louisville is the number one #1? Bullshit.

-UConn and Marquette would have been great, but both are missing star players so I will go with Memphis in the West, even though they come from the weakest conference ever. Maybe Washington could slip through as well.

-In the East exists the strongest sectional(?) by far. This is where, of course, the Badgers are in and will be drummed out by their Champs Sports bowl opponents in the first game, as usual. They should not even be in the tournament as they are a weak team (speaking of weak conferences). Fuck Duke. I will go with Pitt here but they are known chokers so I feel a ton of ambivalence about it.

-Finally, in the South I may get my wish for a Oklahoma-Carolina match up. If that happens Psycho T. will probably sit out and I don't think the Tarheels' truly best player, Lawson, will be fully healed and so will be dealing with his injury the entire tournament. Which is too bad but the Sooners are coming out of the South. Blake Griffin is the man and I see him just going crazy. They also have a decent point guard who needs to play exceptionally well in order for them to advance.

-Sooners win the whole thing, as I said long ago. I can't wait for Thursday.


Bob Seva said...

I like your first take predictions. I also watched 900 hours of conference tournaments. It's like the pre-NCAA tournament. It should be a good weekend for basketball and hijinks. Here are my picks for each sectional:

Midwest - Louisville. I don't know too much about Louisville other than they are coached by Pitino, they won the Big East regular season and tournament and they lost to Minnesota. This could be bad.

West - Memphis. UConn lost their best player and I've always liked Memphis. They have something to prove being from Conference USA.

East - Pitt. I know they will probably choak but I refuse to pick Duke. That Blair dude for Pitt can also be a monster.

South - Syracuse. This was the toughest sectional. Carolina is the obvious favorite but it sounds like Lawson's toe is going to be a problem. Oklahoma looks good with Griffin but if he gets in foul trouble they could lose. I like the run that Syracuse made in the Big East tournament.

Final - Memphis vs. Pitt

Champs - Memphis

The first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA tournament should national holidays. Awesome.

Jack Burton said...

I am pretty excited to see everyone else's picks. It is interesting that you picked Memphis. I have them in the final game. I like Pitt a lot too but... I see Lawson is already missing the first game. That is really going to hurt NC in the tournament as he is a speed guy and that will at least slow him down. I am so nervous for the potential 2nd round game of Clemson-Okla. Clemson faded at the end but they were pretty good early in the season. Just a couple hours now.