Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I don't know anything much about this Rihanna thing. But if there is any justice in the world, Jay-Z puts a hit out on that motherfucker right quick. Since he seems to be one of the few in the hip hop community to actually be like, "Wrong." Domestic abusers always do it again and the abusees always come back. Usually until the abuser goes to jail, someone finally leaves, or the abusee gets killed. It is a horrible cycle of violence that makes me, deep down on a visceral level, if I actually had a say, which totally is not the appropriate response or thought at all, would be: Rihanna, you are a beautiful young woman and it is so fucking not dumb, but fucking typical to be doing this. Little girls and young women look up to you and I think your actions thus far, at least subconsciously, have given them a feeling of, "It's OK to get my ass beat by a punk ass like that, he really loves me." Which makes this whole thing so goddammed tricky, because it is never that easy to leave, apparently. So she is really just acting like most victims, and that is kind of the saddest part, because it doesn't matter how strong a person may seem to be or actually is. It always seems to follow the same pattern. And please, can one motherfucking celebrity in that community, be it athlete, rapper, comedian, or actor condemn his ass, please? Other than Hova? This is not some "misunderstanding" or "passionate people" deal. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Kanye.) This is deadly serious and it makes me wonder how often this happens and it is never reported by some of these guys. Like, it probably would not have been that big of a deal if it was Jenny, a random girl, and not Rihanna, a huge pop star.

Bad world right now, gonna be a storm soon.

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