Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Lobby Wins Again.

I am so glad that U.S. policy is still being decided through the prism of whatever is right for Tel Aviv, is right for us. But this was a big chunk for AIPAC to bite out of, a lot of capital to expend so we do not look at the issue in an evenhanded way. It would be awful if the NIE's kept coming out which support the fact that Iran is not a threat to anyone (like Iraq but they got their wish). They won the battle but the war is going to change. There will be more Chas Freeman's, the Lobby can only obstruct for so long before people start to see what is going on. The Neoconservatives' clock is ticking as we see with this desperate move and they have to know it. Schumer, Emanuel, Lieberman, and The New Republic will have to answer why our interests so often take a back seat to a country that does absolutely nothing for us except stoke intense anger by people who, normally would not give two fucks about us. Thus making our country less safe.

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